To inject innovative energy into R&D and upgrade the development of forward-looking technology, AUO teams with NTU to establish “AUO-NTU Joint Research Center”. The inauguration ceremony, hosted by NTU President Kuan Chung-Ming and AUO Chairman Shuang-Lang (Paul) Peng, was held today (May 6). Funded by AUO with NTD 30 million, this center will focus on 3 major fields, including forward-looking display technology, sensing technology and AIoT and its field application to assist medium- to long-term large industry-academia collaboration projects. The goal is to aggregate cross-disciplinary talents to participate in the research of cutting-edge display technology and create a new era for industries and academia in Taiwan while fostering rising stars.


According to AUO Chairman Paul Peng, “It is AUO’s great honor to cooperate with NTU again to establish “AUO-NTU Joint Research Center” to work on various forward-looking research projects. During the biaxial transformation strategy, AUO not only forms an alliance with industrial partners, but also aims to support global top talents and academia through a long-term and strong partnership, which brings new sparkles and drives Taiwan to continuously progress in key forward-looking display technology, and as a result, upgrade the global visibility in the field of smart applications.”


NTU President Kuan Chung-Ming commented, “NTU has been working closely with AUO for years. With the extensive R&D capabilities and innovative results, NTU gathers tens of students and professors specialized in electrical engineering and electronics from graduate schools to devote to the development of forward-looking display technology. Through the establishment of Joint Research Center, we hope to accelerate the pooling of innovative expertise and resources, nurture a new generation of leading talents with technology competencies while consolidating the leading position of Taiwan technology industry.”


AUO is committed to the development of cutting-edge display technology and field solutions with high added value. In addition to creating an industrial ecosystem with partners in supply chain, AUO further invests in R&D of innovative display technology through industry-academia collaboration. “AUO-NTU Joint Research Center” will focus on next generation display technology and consolidate the superior R&D capabilities of NTU to achieve critical breakthroughs in fields demanding advanced technology, like medical diagnosis, in-vehicle system and transportation requiring precision and safety, to significantly strengthen Taiwan’s position of technology leadership.


For over 12 years, AUO has been working with College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, College of Engineering, and College of Medicine, NTU on over 50 collaboration projects. The results of collaboration on proprietary forward-looking technology have been published in international journals, while several technologies were introduced to the preliminary research of mass production. In the future, the Joint Research Center will integrate technologies across fields including photoelectric, electrical engineering and ICT, IoT, big data, machine and startup and play an important role in developing key technologies as well as nurturing talents to create a greater value-added synergy through the collaboration of cutting-edge technology and education- job match.


Taking talents as the most important assets for growth, besides recruiting high-level R&D talents through industry-academia collaboration, AUO is dedicated to creating a positive and active work environment, including an agile and welcoming workplace, holistic training program, diverse and wide-range opportunities for career development and a competitive pay package, to retain and attract outstanding employees. This year, besides a large pay raise of new graduates, AUO also increased the pay of employees by a rate several times higher than the average to show our appreciation. Through a comprehensive talent investment, AUO aims to improve the configuration of each field and create a virtuous cycle realizing company profits, value improvement and employee development.

AUO teams with NTU to establish “AUO-NTU Joint Research Center” to inject new energy to academia and boost the development of forward-looking technology



NTU President Kuan Chung-Ming (right) and AUO Chairman Paul Peng (left) attended the inauguration ceremony of “AUO-NTU Joint Research Center”