Employee Welfare

Insurance and Retirement

AUO provides insurance coverage for employees as required by law and offers an employee retirement scheme as well. Social security contributions to labor pension, medical and endowment funds are made in accordance with local laws and regulations.

To provide more complete protection for the lifestyle and security of employees and their families, AUO also offers general group insurance covering life insurance, accident insurance, medical insurance and cancer insurance. Special insurance coverage is also provided for employees on business trips or working overseas.


Employee Welfare

AUO Welfare Committee has been established to look after employees’ lifestyle, promote physical and mental health, and maintain harmonious labor relations. Employee welfare is continuously being enhanced through a comprehensive welfare system and a variety of employee activities.


Working Environment

AUO takes good care of its employees. In addition to employee cafeterias serving delicious, healthy meals and clean, comfortable dormitories, we also provide other services such as commuter shuttles, convenience stores, ATMs, telecommunications vendors, insurance vendors and travel agent offices to give employees a convenient and high-quality working environment.