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AUO to Unveil World’s First 12-inch Full Color TFT Driven Micro LED Display Technology

Full array of high spec vehicle, IFE and medical professional displays on exhibit

AU Optronics Corp. ("AUO" or the "Company") (TAIEX: 2409; NYSE: AUO) today announced numerous innovative mobile device displays and technologies and will participate in Touch Taiwan 2018 from August 29 to 31. Exhibition highlights include the world’s highest resolution(*) full color TFT driven micro LED display technology; ultra high resolution vehicle cockpit display adopting direct bonding lamination to combine cluster, CID, and front passenger seat display, plus 3 to 13.2-inch displays for CID, rearview mirror and HUD; 11.6 to 15.6-inch high resolution, high brightness, wide color gamut and high contrast LTPS touch panels for in-flight entertainment system (IFE); 13.3-inch full HD LTPS notebook PC display with the world’s lowest power consumption(*), and the world’s first(*) UHD 4K narrow border LTPS LCD supporting the use of stylus; in terms of medical displays, a series of LCDs with high resolution, wide color gamut, ultra high brightness and contrast will also make their debut, with applications to professional medical use such as ultrasound, imaging modality, endoscopic, and micro-invasive surgeries.


In addition, 6.2 to 7-inch full screen ultra narrow border LTPS displays with free-form cut for smartphone, mini LED backlit LTPS display for VR headset, square and true circle shaped in-cell touch AMOLED for smartwatch, and the world’s largest(*) 8.8-inch mirror display using nanoimprinting technology for its wire grid polarizer will also be on display.


Next Generation Micro LED Technology Setting Direction for Future Displays

AUO is the world’s first(*) to have successfully developed the highest resolution full color TFT driven micro LED display technology, and was recognized by 2018 SID Best in Show Award this May. AUO continues to step up its R&D efforts, and this time will demonstrate 12.1-inch micro LED display technology with an impressive 169 PPI pixel density and resolution (1920 x 720) achieved by micro LEDs less than 30 micrometers in size. Each pixel can be lighted independently to realize the best of high dynamic range and low power consumption. Combining advanced color conversion technologies, the display is able to yield marvelous color performance.


Vehicle & IFE Displays with High Performance and Durability Depicting the Future of Smart Transportation

As vehicle displays become more and more integrated with car interior design, AUO has sensed this customization trend and will announce an ultra high resolution vehicle cockpit display, adopting direct bonding lamination to combine together a 12.3-inch cluster, 13.2-inch CID and 12.3-inch front passenger seat display. This large, streamlined display has applied AHVA technology and exhibits high contrast and brightness. At the driver’s seat, the cluster can show high resolution and high brightness images for drivers to access important car data; at the CID, symmetrical holes are drilled in the active area to allow buttons or control dials to be installed, making car navigation, entertainment and communication functions more intuitive to use; passenger in the front seat can also use the in-cell touch panel before them to choose and enjoy audio-visual content with high image quality. The free-form 8.8-inch mirror display has 1,000 nits high brightness. The display or traditional mirror mode can be switched on demand, and so can the reflectance rate be adjusted. The display also comes with an anti-glare function to enhance safety for drivers during nighttime.


In-flight entertainment systems, combining information, communication and entertainment functions all in one, have become indispensible to air travel, and therefore image quality, safety and reliability have become more important than ever. AUO utilizes its profound experience in the production of commercial displays to introduce 11.6 to 15.6-inch UHD 4K ultra high resolution LTPS display with touch panels. The displays come with high brightness of over 300 nits, wide color gamut, ultra high contrast, and are equipped with AHVA technology. The direct bonding lamination of touch panel has effectively reduced the reflection of light to reveal vivid and clear images, offering an amazing viewing and entertainment experience.


High Resolution, Wide Color Gamut Medical Displays Assisting Medical Professionals in Making Accurate Judgments

In view of the continuous evolution of medical technologies and equipment, AUO presents 23 to 27-inch high resolution, wide color gamut, high brightness and high contrast LCDs for diverse medical purposes such as ultrasound, imaging modality, endoscopic, and micro-invasive surgeries. Among them, the 27-inch 8 mega color medical display has UHD 4K (3840 x 2160) high resolution, 800 nits high brightness, and wide viewing angle design for medical professionals from various angles to perceive images with the same clarity. The display also possesses wide color gamut, highlighting in particular the varying shades of red to show colors and details even more accurately, enabling doctors to make more informed judgments during surgical tasks.


Ultra Slim & Light LTPS Notebook PC Displays with Long Battery Life for Maximum Mobility with Ultimate Performance

AUO will demonstrate its lineup of super narrow border, slim & light and power-saving LTPS notebook PC displays, among which 13.3-inch UDH 4K LTPS notebook PC display has pixel density as high as 332 PPI, wide color gamut, and 2500:1 ultra high contrast ratio. The border is only 1.5mm wide, and the display itself is only 1.8mm thick, making it the industry’s most slim & light(*) UHD 4K notebook PC display. 13.3-inch full HD LTPS notebook PC display consumes less than 1 watt of power under the normal 150-nit operation mode. It saves over 50% of power when compared with its counterparts, and is currently boasting the world’s lowest power consumption(*) for notebook PC displays. Being just 2mm thick, the display is capable of achieving outstanding mobility with its ultra slim & light feature and high performance. 13.3-inch metal mesh LTPS LCD applies one glass solution (OGS) and is the world’s first(*) UHD 4K narrow border LTPS LCD supporting the use of stylus. The full series of LTPS LCDs are perfect for professional and hybrid notebook PCs that are thinner and lighter, while their excellent energy efficiency allows users to always enjoy the highest mobility possible.


* Based on the available market research information as of August 28, 2018.



友達12吋全彩主動式Micro LED顯示技術
AUO’s 12-inch full color TFT driven micro LED display technology
AUO’s ultra high resolution vehicle cockpit display, combining the cluster, CID and front passenger seat displays
AUO’s 23 to 27-inch high resolution and wide color gamut medical displays