The technology of 5G and AIoT drives the development of various innovative field applications as well as more diverse and smarter human-machine interface. As a leading optoelectronic solutions provider, by leveraging the profound technologies developed over the years, AUO will present a series of cutting-edge sensing technologies deriving from TFT technology in Touch Taiwan this time. For fingerprint scanning and sensing applications, AUO will showcase a TFT optical fingerprint sensor with the world’s highest pixel density of up to 1000PPI(*), the unique ultra-thin LTPS TFT optical fingerprint sensor module integrated under OLED panel with ultra-large sensing area, and the LCD panel with three-in-one integrated IC embedded fingerprint recognition, touch and display functions. In the exhibition, visitors can also look into other applications like the new NFC signal sensor and flexible plastic NFC tag fit for electronic equipment in the retail field, high resolution X-ray sensors using a-Si and LTPS (low temperature poly-silicon) process, respectively; and a flexible X-ray sensor for portable X-ray machine. A comprehensive portfolio of cutting-edge sensing technologies will be presented to offer highly customized and flexible solutions to meet the application demands of various fields.


Advanced NFC Sensing Technology Facilitating Mobile Payment and Smart Retail

Most of the payment sensors of existing electronic equipment such as POS and KIOSK are separated from the screen, demanding more space as well as different interfaces to receive payment signals and transmit information. By applying the special CIAA (circuit in active area) technology, AUO embeds the sensing component in the back of the panel to transform the screen into an NFC (near field communication) signal sensor, with a sensing distance up to 4cm. This technology already passed EMV3.0 L1 secure payment test. In the future, the electronic equipment carrying this new NFC sensor can transmit information on the screen and sense the payment signal simultaneously, allowing mutual communication between the consumer and the store system through a single interface. In addition, AUO will launch the world’s first(*) flexible NFC tag utilizing flexible ultra-LTPS technology. By employing the TFT process with large-area, the tag is beneficial to reduce production cost and increase utilization rate; the tag’s flexible nature also makes it especially fit for food or pharmaceutical packaging to effectively prevent counterfeits. The tag can also be used in transit tickets or game cards; users can easily access ticket or activity information by sensing the built-in NFC tag with a smartphone.


TFT Fingerprint Scanning Sensor with Ultra-high Pixel Density

More Rigorous Identity Authentication Achieved by Combination of Heartbeat Detection

As the security control of money flows becomes increasingly strict, identity authentication relying on a single fingerprint reader is no longer sufficient. This time, AUO will present the unique ultra-thin LTPS TFT optical fingerprint sensing module, with a sensing area of up to 2.9-inch, integrated under OLED panel and a 6.4-inch LCD panel incorporating finger recognition, touch and display functions. Besides the application of in-cell touch technology and a three-in-one integrated IC, the 6.4-inch LCD panel breaks through the limits when integrating CMOS image sensor structure to existing panels to offer a large customized sensing area of up to 50mm x 50mm. Both technologies support multi-finger authentication and are exceptionally ideal for financial transactions, as they can substantially improve the security of biometric recognition. In the meantime, AUO will also demonstrate a TFT optical fingerprint sensor with the world’s highest pixel density(*) up to 1000PPI, which can not only clearly recognize the fingerprints of delicate newborn baby fingers, but also detect the heartbeat through the slightest grayscale change of fingertip pulse to achieve a more accurate identity authentication and significantly improved security and anti-counterfeiting level.


High-quality Image Created by Novel Lightweight and Drop-proof X-ray Sensor Making Precision Medicine Possible

Strengthening its strategy of medical applications, AUO incorporates the TFT manufacturing advantages to the investment of X-ray sensor. This time, AUO will demonstrate the flexible X-ray sensor featuring lightweight and unbreakable properties, which can substantially enhance product durability and is perfect for portable X-ray machine. This sensor is expected to replace the market dominance position of glass sensors and drive curved X-ray applications used for CT scan and industrial pipe/tube detection. AUO’s 17x17-inch X-ray display applies a-Si process and possesses an extremely small pixel size of 100μm and 4302 x 4302 ultra-high resolution image to provide a larger display area with better image quality as well as assist a more accurate diagnosis of signs. Besides the traditional static X-ray used on chest and orthopedic diagnoses, the demands of dynamic and 3D imaging including blood and oral applications are increasing. To meet these demands, AUO releases a 6x6-inch X-ray display achieved by LTPS TFT process to deliver a higher refresh rate and lower image noise and provide a low-dose X-ray solution when it is necessary to take multiple dynamic images.


Focus on Display Technology and Seize the Opportunities of Field Economy with Cutting-edge Sensing Technologies

In addition to demonstrating various applications of innovative technologies, AUO Senior Associate Vice President Mr. Ivan Wu will deliver a speech entitled “Sensing Technology and Application” during 2021 Touch Taiwan to share AUO’s experiences of utilizing its display technologies to create a tighter connection of human-machine interface through introducing next-generation sensing technology into application field.


AUO is committed to facilitating industry-academia cooperation and bridging learning and field for years. This time, AUO co-organizes I-Zone, national innovative display zone, in Touch Taiwan and invites domestic industrial, academic and research organizations to present projects including smart display material, component and system full of originality. Besides the cash prize of Invention Award sponsored by AUO, the awardee also has the opportunity to win a summer internship at the company to be engaged in the industrial ecosystem as early as possible, realizing all the new and innovative ideas.


* Based on the available market research information as of April 14, 2021.


*Visit AUO Touch Taiwan event site for more info:

AUO launch the world’s first flexible NFC tag utilizing flexible ultra-LTPS technology. The tag’s flexible nature makes it extremely fit for smart food or pharmaceutical packaging to effectively prevent counterfeits.



AUO flexible X-ray sensor featuring lightweight and unbreakable properties is perfect for portable X-ray machine, and also CT scan and industrial pipe detection.



AUO’s three-in-one LCD panel incorporates finger recognition, touch and display functions. With a large customized sensing area up to 50mmx50mm, it supports multi-finger authentication, exceptionally ideal for financial transactions as security is greatly improved.