AU Optronics (AUO) continues to pursue the evolution of cutting-edge display technologies. Jointly developed with technology ecosphere partners, at SID Display Week 2022, AUO will showcase the application scenarios of the next-generation Micro LED display technogy integrated smart cockpit, multiple world-first AmLED gaming display panels, along with top-notch sensing technologies that demonstrate AUO’s powerful integration capabilities. AUO caters to the emerging needs of verticals with display technology platforms, centering display as the core to realize various imaging applications, thereby illustrating what “Display Everywhere 2.0” entails.


Forward-looking Micro LED Applications Alter Human-Machine Interaction and Realize Display Everywhere 2.0 with Free-Form Design

The scenarios of future vehicles are getting all the more diversified and oriented toward everyday applications, blending multifarious entertainment and interconnection to serve as a “Third Living Space” for humans. AUO has partnered with PlayNitride to develop the next-generation Micro LED technology and launched 12.1-inch dashboard, 9.4-inch S-haped flexible CID, advancing the progress of smart cockpit. This year, AUO and PlayNitride further introduce the rollable, flexible, stretchable and transparent Micro LED display technologies for full-scale applications in smart cockpit. In response to self-driving scenarios of future cars, the freeform displays can be more tailored to fit our everyday needs. AUO has released the world's first 14.6-inch rollable Micro LED display(*) featuring a 2K resolution with a 40mm radius of curvature to transform the vehicle cabin into an audio-video entertainment center, and the display can be stored and put away to make other use of the vehicle’s interior space. Additionally, AUO has also overcome the hurdle of display stretchability and resolution interference and launched the world’s highest resolution 163 PPI full-color stretchable Micro LED display(*) allowing drivers to switch on the 3D physical push buttons on the control panel. Further, AUO offers 17.3-inch transparent Micro LED display modules to install on car windows. With its 60% transparency and maximum 2000 nits brightness, the driver can see stay more informed of traffic information while enjoying the scenary.


AUO’s biaxial transformation strategy “Go Premium, Go Verical” aims to link up ecosystem partners and pioneer smart vertical applications with its solid display technologies. Being optimistic about the crucial role Micro LED can play in a wide array of display applications, AUO with its superior integrated deveopment capabilities, joins forces with PlayNitride to galvinize the Micro LED technology ecosystem for the deployment of a complete industry chain. The goal is to develop future applications in highly customized verticals of healthcare and surgery, retail display and smart cockpit to collaborate with clients on the acceleration of Micro LED commodification.


AmLED Display Technology Gearing for High-end Gaming and Automotive Markets

AUO’s AmLED technology is the pivotal “Go premium” achievement of the dual-axis transformation strategy. Its proprietary dynamic adjustment technology enables top-notch specifications such as high brightness, contrast ratio, high refresh rate, and high color volume, promising an unprecedented, delicate visual experience. The flagship models, launched jointly with renowned consumer brands, have become the top choices for professional gamers or audio-video image creators. Further, AUO has extended large-size AmLED display applications to the smart automotive sector with outstanding display performance to meet consumers’ requrements for detailed visuals at work, entertainment and transportation.


AUO’s K-zone Mini LED series in this showcase features over 1000 dimming zones, compliant with the highest-grade VESA Display HDR1000 specification, able to display bright contrast and a high refresh rate to give gaming images an extra lifelike quality. In the meatime, the 240Hz refresh rate can give the images refined details and flow with great precision. The 16:10 screen ratio of gaming notebook ensures more satisfying gaming experience for e-sports enthusiasts. AUO will also exhibit the world’s first 34-inch AmLED curved gaming display panel(*) with 21:9 wide screen and 165Hz ultra high refresh rate. The proprietary AmLED and QD design boasts HDR 1000 with up to 1000 nits peak brightness and full color, greatly improving the quality of gaming images, while its optimal 1000R curved screen offers enhanced immersive gaming or movie experience.


Ranking among the world’s top three automotive panel suppliers, AUO boasts a proven track record for automotive panel applications. At this exhibition, AUO will showcase perfect AmLED in-vehicle applications, including the world’s first front-seat 30-inch AmLED curved display with Large Touch Display Integration (LTDI)(*) that has achieved super low reflectance rate through AUO’s in-house lamination technology. In addition, AmLED features such advantages as low power consumption, high brightness, high reliability, high resolution and compliance with an all-black cabin interior, thus serving as the best solution for autonomous cars and large-size cabin display. Also, the 22-inch AmLED curved audio/video entertainment display for the front passenger seat integrates AUO's proprietary switchable privacy technology to prevent the driver from being distracted and keep safe while the front passenger enjoys audio-visual entertainment and shopping with privacy. The switchable privacy technology also supports customizable, zonning, and active anti-peeping applications, allowing car manufacturers to come up with brand-new driving experience for consumers.


Extending Premium Sensing Technology toward Precision Medicine and Commercial Applications

Following the release of the world’s first flexible plastic NFC tags utilizing Flexible Ultra-LTPS technology, AUO has further developed the Micro-NFC tag on glass, integrating electroplated copper antennas and TFT IC over the glass substrate into a one-stop manufacturing process. With highly advanced hetereogenuous integration technology, AUO embeds tags into containers for high-priced goods, such as alcohol and medication. Consumers can access product information by scanning the containers with their phones. AUO’s sensing technology can effectively prevent counterfeits and protect the rights of brand owners and consumers.


In terms of healthcare, unlike the mainstream TFT X-ray image sensors that utilize the a-Si technology for static X-ray imaging applications, AUO’s latest IGZO TFT X-ray sensors for both static and dynamic imaging feature 140μm pixel pitch and 3070 x 3072 resolution. Its excellent properties include ultra-low leakage, high portability, high sensitivity sensors, low image noise and support applications in high-end chest X-ray, angiography and mammography with more accurate lesion diagnosis. Its high electronic transmission speed complies with high frame rates as required by dynamic imaging. AUO is currently among the world’s top three suppliers of professional medical displays and X-ray sensors with its products widely used by international brands of medical equipment. AUO will continue to work with partners to drive the upgrade of smart healthcare and provide better medical services in the future.


* Based on the available market research information as of May 10th,


*Watch the video to learn the immense possibilites of AUO display technologies

AUO partners with PlayNitride to introduce a variety of free-form Micro LED displays for full-scale applications in smart cockpit, tailored to fit people’s everyday needs.



AUO AmLED’s proprietary dynamic adjustment technology enables top-notch specs, promising unprecedented visual experience and has become the top choices for professional gamers or audio-video image creators.



AUO develops world’s first front-seat 30-inch AmLED curved display with LTDI that has achieved super low reflectance rate through AUO’s in-house lamination technology, serving as the best solution for autonomous cars and large-size cabin display.



AUO develops the Micro-NFC tag on glass and embeds tags into containers for high-priced goods, such as alcohol and medication. Consumers can access product information by scanning the containers with their phones and thus prevent counterfeits effectively.