AUO Corporation ("AUO" or the "Company") (TSE: 2409; NYSE: AUO) today announced that its leading array of display technologies will be showcased at SID’s Display Week 2019, the annual premier international gathering of the electronic information displays industry, in San Jose, California from May 14 to 16.


Exhibition highlights will include an extended suite of mini LED backlit LCD panels from 2.9 to 32 inches with high brightness and high dynamic range across gaming, VR and professional applications; the 15.6-inch UHD 4K LTPS LCD with the world’s highest(*) 120Hz refresh rate for gaming notebook PC; high potency car displays featuring multiple panel lamination with curved design; high performance display technologies for medical, financial and security purposes will also be demonstrated.


High Performance Gaming Displays for Most Sensational and Immersive Experience

Designed for high-end gaming notebook PCs, AUO’s 17.3-inch LTPS LCD has UHD 4K ultra high resolution, mini LED backlight design with 240 zones and peak brightness of over 1,000 nits to meet the highest VESA DisplayHDR performance level, delivering images with utmost authenticity and richness in details. Moreover, the module has the thickness of only 3.5mm, making it the ideal choice for gamers to enjoy the highest mobility possible. The 15.6-inch LTPS LCD combines the best of image quality and refresh rate, boasting UHD 4K (3840 x 2160) ultra high resolution and the world’s highest(*) 120Hz refresh rate plus 8.3 ms response time to serve the enthusiasts of speed, and are also perfect for professional and hybrid notebook PCs.


For VR headsets, the 2.9-inch LTPS display has ultra high resolution (3456 x 3456) and ultra high pixel density of 1,688 PPI. Adopting mini LED backlight technology with active matrix (AM) driver circuit, the display possesses as many as 2,304 local dimming zones for HDR images to reveal perfect image depth and details for lifelike gaming experience.


Streamlined and Curved Car Displays with Tremendous Design Flexibility

Smart cars are now equipped with diverse HMI systems that require a lot more displays to support. AUO has seized the opportunities by developing a full range of high performance car displays applying multiple panel lamination. Specifically, one vehicle cockpit display joins a 12.3-inch cluster and a 20-inch CID/front passenger seat panel by direct bonding lamination, yielding a huge streamlined display with high resolution, high brightness and 1,200R curvature; another V-shaped vehicle cockpit display consisting of a 12.3-inch cluster and 12.3-inch CID comes in 300R curvature and cold-form cover lens, enabling accurate image performance.


AUO has successfully applied smart HMI systems on curved displays without sacrificing their brightness, as demonstrated by the 12.3-inch high resolution cluster display exhibiting 750R curvature while supporting dynamic backlight for images with 1,000-nit high brightness and high dynamic range. The 14.5-inch LTPS CID panel integrates both in-cell touch solution and curved design, with the display bent on the sides where TDDI (touch and display driver integration) ICs are located. As a result the display appears in a compact structure, closely integrated with the car interior to provide all the more intuitive and convenient user experience.


Leading Display Technologies for Diverse Scenes of Smart Living

For other professional market segments, AUO also has the best to offer. In terms of professional monitor applications, the 32-inch UHD 4K display adopts direct-lit mini LED backlight with as many as 1,152 local dimming zones. Its 1,000-nit peak brightness meets the highest VESA DisplayHDR performance level. Coupled with quantum dot wide color gamut of over 100% NTSC and stylish bezel-less design, the display renders accurate colors and vivid images with exquisite details, particularly suitable for video editing, game and graphic designing purposes.


AUO offers a comprehensive portfolio of high resolution, wide color gamut, high brightness and high contrast LCDs for diverse medical purposes such as ultrasound, imaging modality, endoscopic, and micro-invasive surgeries. Among them, the 23-inch ultrasound display possesses a compact structure design, while showing an exceptionally high contrast ratio of 2,200:1 and wide viewing angle with ultra low color washout in a dark room to reveal extremely delicate grayscale shadings for doctors to diagnose with great precision.


For smart retail and financial institutions, AUO presents 13.3-inch full HD display embedded with NFC (near-field communication) antenna design, capable of supporting data transaction distance of up to 4cm, which is the highest mandated by financial regulations. The LCD active area design is particularly fit for POS, vending machine and mobile payment purposes, which demand specific sensor areas for higher transaction safety.


For identification and customs inspection purposes, AUO’s new 4.4-inch fingerprint sensor module features high resolution (1600 x 1500), high pixel density of 503 PPI, and stylish module design of only 12.8 mm thick. Its large sensor area allows for as many as four fingers to be detected at a time, enhancing both accuracy and security. The slim and light module is fit for portable application with its robust design, and outdoor application under strong sunlight.


* Based on the available market research information as of May 13, 2019.

AUO’s series of mini LED backlit LCDs include gaming, VR and professional applications



AUO’s V-shaped curved vehicle cockpit display joins a cluster and a CID panel by direct bonding lamination