Dedicated to value up strategy, AUO Corporation ("AUO" or the "Company") (TAIEX: 2409; NYSE: AUO) continues to boost its market differentiation and competitive edge by providing high-value products towards different markets and applications. AUO will participate in Touch Taiwan 2019 at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center from August 28 to 30 and will present a comprehensive collection of high-value displays including 8K TV, Mini LED, gaming entertainment, smart vehicle, and high-end medical solutions, thereby showcasing its all-round R&D capabilities and achievements in various display technologies.


Advanced 8K HDR TV Display Demonstrates Apex Technology
In response to the global market trend of larger TV sizes and the expected demand for TVs arising from the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, a wide array of brand televisions equipped with AUO 8K displays are already released in the market. However, AUO is the first in the industry with the ability to mass produce ultra large 8K4K TV displays. AUO’s 85-inch 8K bezel-less ALCD TV display possesses advanced HDR technology which increases dimming zones up to 1,024 zones and offers peak brightness up to 2,000 nits with strengthened local dimming effect. Equipped with ultra high-density LED backlight modules, this advanced display presents the most optimized colors, contrast, and details in every scene. With high detailed image quality of over 33 million pixels, viewers feel as if the objects on-screen are real in this immersive sensory experience. Through its ultra-high resolution and highly-detailed image quality, the 8K HDR TV display demonstrates AUO’s solid technology leading position in the industry.


High-end Mini LED Displays Are Applied in a Diverse Array of Product Lineup
AUO will also unveil a series of displays with Mini LED backlight technology. The applications include various sized gaming devices, from large-sized monitors and desktop monitors to laptops, and even high-end applications such as VR headsets and smart vehicles.


AUO’s 65-inch 4K large size gaming display offers a 144Hz ultra high refresh rate, over 1,000 local dimming zones and 2,500 nits peak brightness. The ultra large size pushes the overall visual effect to the extreme and satisfies the gamers’ expectation of image fluency and presentation. The 32-inch 4K Mini LED 144Hz gaming monitor display also provides local dimming performance with over 1,000 zones and 1,500 nits peak brightness. Furthermore, this display has overcome technical restrictions between high resolution and high refresh rate, which allows for smoother and more rapid motion images. Boasting a peak brightness of over 1,000 nits, AUO’s 17.3-inch 4K LTPS gaming notebook display meets the highest level of VESA DisplayHDR1000. The module is only 3.5 mm thick, making it very convenient for gamers to carry around and game away anytime, anywhere.


For VR headset applications, AUO’s 2.9-inch LTPS display with active-matrix Mini LED backlight module design presents 2,304 dimming zones and an ultra-high pixel density of 1,688 PPI, offering exceptionally realistic VR experiences with high dynamic images.


AUO’s Mini LED backlight technology also extends to vehicle applications. The 12.3-inch LTPS curved cluster panel has a high resolution and smooth 750R curved design, and offers excellent local dimming capabilities with 1,000 nits ultra brightness to display sharp and detailed images.


Smart Vehicle Accelerates Display Potential, Expanding from Display Modules to IoV System Integration
As smart vehicles and autonomous car technologies continue to evolve, HMI systems for vehicles are becoming smarter and more personalized. Vehicle interiors are also turning away from traditional mechanical designs and showing more flexibility. Larger display screens allow the driver to access all vehicle functions on one screen, and AUO has developed high performance automotive displays with multiple panel laminations, such as the joint 12.3-inch CID and 20.3-inch passenger display panel which provides high brightness and high resolution images and a streamlined 1,200R curvature design. AUO’s 13.3-inch CID panel features in-cell touch solution integrated with TDDI IC, resulting in a thinner display and a tightly-joined interior arrangement. The display area has three holes for buttons or knobs, offering more design possibilities for a more intuitive and convenient driving experience.

Confident in smart vehicles business opportunities, AUO has expanded its IoV system integration capabilities from vehicle display modules to system integration services. AUO provides comprehensive vehicle display solutions that integrate dashboard systems, display interfaces and back-end code design. AUO’s 7-inch smart dashboard integrates a high resolution full color display and automotive-grade SOCs into a system level product, that has been successfully implemented by AUO with a European premium motorcycle brand. Another smart dashboard system featuring a multi-color LED digital display with advanced MCUs has also been adopted by an international electric scooter brand. By offering a one-stop shop for software and hardware integration and development services, AUO continues to create additional value for IoV systems and provides users a safe and smart riding experience.


High Resolution, High Contrast, and Wide Color Gamut Medical Displays Present Detailed and Accurate Images
As the world’s population continues to increase and age, the demand for medical display equipment in various areas is expanding rapidly. AUO’s comprehensive portfolio of medical displays supports a multitude of professional medical devices in many areas, including ultrasound, imaging modality, endoscopic and surgeries. AUO’s 23-inch ultrasound display offers an exceptionally high contrast ratio of 2,200:1 and a wide viewing angle with ultra low color washout in a dark room to reveal extremely delicate grayscale shadings even in rapidly dynamic scans, that are crucial to assist doctors in conducting precise diagnoses. Also, AUO’s bezel-less 27-inch medical panel equipped with blue light filter properties, incorporates QHD resolution and AHVA (Advanced Hyper-Viewing Angle) technology to present high-quality professional medical images. Further, AUO’s 32-inch 4K high resolution surgical display supports 100% Adobe wide color gamut technologies, which provide meticulous presentations of different layers and shades of the color red, which is crucial for surgeries. The realistic colors and details on the monitors are a great help for surgeons who need to make timely and accurate medical diagnosis.


The Display Innovation Taiwan Conference 2019 will be held concurrently with the exhibition. AUO Chief Technology Officer Mr. Wei-Lung Liau will deliver a keynote speech titled “Display Technology Development for Smart Living” on August 28. We cordially welcome you to visit us at Touch Taiwan 2019 to experience for yourselves how the innovative products and technologies of AUO can both inspire and amaze you.


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