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AUO Announces High-Level Appointment

AU Optronics Corp. ("AUO" or the "Company") (TAIEX: 2409; NYSE: AUO) today announced its high-level personnel change. AUO's Board of Directors has resolved to appoint Dr. Frank Ko as President & Chief Operating Officer, and Mr. Michael Tsai will step down as President. The new personnel change will become effective from September 10, 2019.


Dr. Frank Ko received his PhD degree in Photonics from National Chiao Tung University. He has extensive experience in the display industry, gained through two decades of involvement in the display field. He joined AUO’s technology division in 2000. In 2007, he was appointed Associate Vice President of the TV Display Business Unit. In 2010, he was promoted to Vice President of the TV Display Business Group. During this period, Dr. Ko successfully developed customers from major global TV brands, significantly expanded the mainland China market, and led AUO to become the world’s primary supplier of LCD TV panels. In 2011, he assumed the position of Vice President of Technology & Strategic Development Office, responsible for the Company’s advanced technology roadmap and strategic planning. Dr. Ko also served as Chairman of E Ink Holdings Inc. and during his tenure, he focused on the development of e-paper and was successful in introducing the technology to diverse application spheres. He was honored with the Outstanding Contribution Award from the Taiwan Display Union Association (TDUA) this August.


Dr. Frank Ko is highly familiar with technological trends and the industry landscape, and possesses leadership experience across domains as diverse as manufacturing, R&D, marketing, sales and strategy. AUO’s Board of Directors hopes for the new President to be able to integrate operational resources and platforms with a grand vision and global perspectives, and strengthen ties with the industry chain to foster development and growth of AUO’s new businesses on the path to value transformation. Under Dr. Ko’s leadership, it is hoped that the Company will be able to break new ground with the convergence of AI and IoT in the new business wave, devising solutions needed for all fields of application to create the next growth curve.


Meanwhile, the Company would like to express gratitude to Mr. Michael Tsai for his contributions and leadership over the past years. He had directed AUO in the development of new technologies, markets and supply chain during his service as President. Numerous industry milestones were made with impressive R&D achievements, and customer relationship was expanded and deepened, which boosted operational performance. In particular, he had been actively driving the Company toward smart manufacturing for transformation and upgrade in recent years, building a solid operating base and strong partnership along the industry chain. Mr. Michael Tsai will assume his new post as CEO & President of Darwin Precisions Corporation, a group affiliate. By leveraging Mr. Tsai’s management expertise, familiarity and influence in the industry chain, Darwin Precisions is seeking to further its business scope and partnerships. AUO and its group affiliates will give full play to their respective advantages, maintain close cooperation to jointly expand shipment outlets and extend display value chain for enhanced overall competitiveness, executing group strategy to fully leverage resource advantages and operational synergies.


Despite macro factors surrounding industry downturn and global trade wars, AUO persists in its core concept of value creation, and will continue to propel technological innovation and focus on customer-oriented demands to drive its core display business and new businesses concurrently for value transformation. It is hoped that the Company will prosper and transform in the next wave of industry transformation, developing fundamental strengths for sustainable development.