Supplier Support

AUO regards suppliers as important partners. Through tight co-operation, we strive for win-win situation and encourage mutual beneficial development and sustainability.


Aiming to strengthen two-way communications between AUO and suppliers, AUO has built up several different systems, including:


Supplier's Report Hotline - Employee Ethics Violations Reporting System

Business conduct between AUO and suppliers shall be compliant with applicable laws, regulations, rules and business ethics. If you are aware of anything in connection with AUO's procurement team which could be illegal or violations of integrity policy, please report to us directly. If the alleged report is proven true, we will take appropriate and serious actions against the personnel involved in the reported matter. Information and identity of the company reporting the matter will be kept confidential.


You are welcome to report the concerning matters to supplier's report hotline. All reports will be treated in a confidential manner and the person in charge of receipt of reports from supplier's report hotline is chief in AUO internal audit department and we will have dedicated personnel to contact you.



If you are aware that AUO's employees involved in the matters below, you can report to us:

  1. Employees and his/her family members receive cash, gift or other items with value for more than NT$1,000.
  2. Employees receive commission or any other illegal benefits from vendors.
  3. Except for meals, employees receive any free-of-charge trips from vendors.
  4. By using their own position, employees introduce or cause vendors to hire his/her family members.
  5. By using their own position, employees accept bribery and conduct activities to benefit vendors.
  6. By using their own position, employees have loan or investment relationship which is not through public market with vendors.
  7. Employees ask vendors to provide any services not related to procurement.
  8. Employees do not comply with AUO's policy for fairly conducting AUO's procurement.



For other regulations, you may refer to the following documents:



Supply Chain RBA Management
AUO Supplier Subcontractors RBA_Audit Focus - Environmental Aspect (2018Ver.)
AUO Supplier Subcontractors RBA_Audit Focus - Social Aspect (2018Ver.)
AUO Suppliers Subcontractors RBA Management Scheme (2018Ver.)

AUO Supplier/Subcontractor Code of Conduct (Ver.1)


Regulation of Green Products 

Regulation of hazardous substances for green product- Display Product (Ver.21)
Regulation of hazardous substances for green product- Solar Product (Ver.2)
Regulation of hazardous substances for Non-BOM Material and Packaging (Ver.15)



SCM-CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

SCM-CSR is a sustainable supply chain management platform for AUO procurement, which provides the following functions:

  • AUO Supply Chain CSR Related Policy Announcement
  • Supply Chain ESG Performance Indicators
  • Supply Chain ESG Related Questionnaire
  • CSR-related online courses and co-prosperity activities


SRM-SOL (Supplier On Line)

SRM-SOL (Supplier On Line) is an AUO quality-related demand integration platform. The platform includes the following systems:

  • Chemical Management System (CMS): Chemical management System
  • Design Notice (DCN): Design change notification system
  • Sample Approval (SA): Material approval system
  • Supplier Corrective Action Requirement (SCAR): Supplier quality abnormal issue management system


SRM (Supplier Relationship Management)
SRM system is the platform that AUO and suppliers are able to mutually share information. Functions provided by SRM system include:

  • The breakdown of paid-up and soon-to-be-paid-off payment.
  • Transmission and confirmation of PO (Purchase Order)
  • Search for AUO's forecast, response for delivery, and issue of ASN (Advanced Shipping Notice)
  • Transmission of information about stocks at supplier sides and working-in-progress schedule
  • Suppliers can maintain and control the information of molds, such as the amount, current location and situation, capacity, the number of times of stamping.


GPARS (Green Parts Aggregations & Reporting System)

GPARS is the platform for AUO green parts verification and environmental sustainability development that provides:

  • GP data upload, verification and query
  • GP report download
  • New knowledge of international regulations
  • Environmental Sustainability Questionnaire 


CTMS (Cargo Tracking Management System)
CTMS is the platform that AUO and the LSP (Logistics Service Providers) are able to mutually share information. Functions provided by CTMS include:

  • Information about the shipments from AUO
  • Allowing LSP to feedback transportation related documents
  • Allowing LSP to feedback shipping events


EI2 (Energy Innovation and Integration)

EI2 is a platform for AUO energy storage system owners, installers and distributors, offers on-line registration, product maintenance records, and diagnosis tool, user & technical manuals download, and FAQ information. New functions of remote monitoring, remote diagnosis and remote upgrade are coming soon.



With close cooperation with you, we look forward to overcoming challenges, growing together and make win-win business for both companies.