Circular Economy

AUO believes that business growth and environmental protection must coexist, and has long devoted efforts to technologies and fields relating to green manufacturing. Thanks to the company’s practical experience in water resources management, energy management, and facility technology applications, AUO has been providing clients with a variety of solutions for mitigation and adaptation of climate change on operations, thus achieving enterprise sustainability.


In terms of water resources management, AUO is an expert in making diagnostic analyses based on the manufacturer’s experiences and perspectives. By integrating the high efficiency water treatment technology and low power consumption equipment, AUO provides solutions with the most economic benefits for clients, increasing their water use efficiency and addressing pain points.


With regard to energy management, AUO has rich experience in operating and installing related equipment, and provides clients with energy diagnosis on equipment effectiveness and energy efficiency integrated solutions, thus allowing clients to reduce costs while increasing energy efficiency, saving energy, and reducing carbon emissions.


As for operations and the management of factory equipment, AUO provides smart management solutions for factory equipment by combining its technology and experience in data science, edge computing, and IoT. These solutions include predictive maintenance, thereby decreasing maintenance workforce requirements and boosting equipment availability.


Furthermore, AUO offers other environmental sustainability solutions related to green manufacturing, including green product management solutions, which are aimed at adopting cleaner production. There are also environmental education solutions to assist clients with demonstrating the outcomes of green manufacturing and boosting communication with stakeholders.

Key Offerings
  • Water Treatment Technology and EPC Project

  • Energy Saving Equipment and Energy Efficiency Project

  • Facility Intelligent Management

  • Environmental Sustainability Solution

Key Offerings