Elderly Care

The aging population has resulted in a spike in the demand for healthcare resources and health service workers. Introducing new technologies to the healthcare industry is, therefore, an inevitable trend to increase working efficiency and enhance the quality of care, thereby creating a healthy aged society.


For many years, AUO has been developing its capabilities in the establishment, maintenance, and operation of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and in hardware integration. The company carefully examines the technological requirements for life after retirement and the elderly care, and assists practitioners with digital transformation by developing suitable healthcare and operations systems for the industry. A variety of healthcare equipment can be integrated thanks to technologies such as cloud platforms, the Internet, and AI, which in turn allows for the collection of diverse, multifaceted health data, thereby improving the accuracy, utility, and reusability of the data and creating a comprehensive smart healthcare solution.


AUO’s smart healthcare solution, which has been adopted by clients in multiple industries in Taiwan and Mainland China, helps long-term care institutions organize their work in a more systematic manner. It supports AI care as a service, a smart cloud platform for the entire operational processes of large continuing care retirement communities. Another of AUO’s solutions is the safety monitoring solution (IoT+), which features emergency calls, smart mattresses, fall detection, smart precise positioning, indoor activity detection, and a management platform that covers all possible emergencies. A functional training solution is also available to help institutions and community centers reinvigorate senior citizens with science-backed exercise programs, while a smart living solution is offered to provide site information notification services. Additionally, AUO is actively developing the smart service management systems required in the retirement homes. AUO hopes that the fusion of technology and the traditional Chinese social values of caring the elderly as family will boost the development of the retirement industry, which in turn will improve the lives of senior citizens.

Key Offerings
  • AI Care as a Service

  • Safety Monitoring Solution (IoT+)

  • Functional Training Solution

Key Offerings