Healthcare industry in the new era is moving towards becoming smarter and more patient-centric. In order to accelerate technological innovation and development in smart healthcare, AUO collaborates with partners from the three domains of Healthcare Management, Smart Surgery, and Medical Testing, to help establish a comprehensive digital healthcare ecosystem.


Regarding healthcare management applications, AUO provides the AI Medical Consultation Solution, Control Room Solution, and Pandemic Prevention Solution in response to requirements from healthcare institutions, such as the need for contactless medical consultations, remote healthcare services, and electronic pandemic prevention monitoring. From disease prevention and diagnosis to pandemic prevention, AUO provides solutions that can enhance the quality and efficiency of healthcare services.


With respect to smart surgery applications that involve a high level of professional skills as well as risks, AUO provides a wide range of advanced display technologies on next-generation surgery equipment. AUO co-developed the High-fidelity Medical Display Solution, 3D Medical Image Display Solution, and Transparent Display-assisted Surgical Solution with its partners to achieve the goal of medical precision by helping medical professionals interpret data more accurately through visualizing high-quality medical images.


In terms of medical inspection applications, AUO provides the Smart Dental Shade Matching Solution that can present realistic color tones of objects, thereby achieving the main goal of precision diagnosis. The X-ray Detector Solution has a built-in lightweight and flexible sensor that can not only diagnose symptoms with precision but also greatly enhances the convenience of mobile healthcare services. Furthermore, the Medical Inspection Solution has the advantage of high-speed browsing and lossless image quality, thereby improving the accuracy of medical diagnosis.

Key Offerings
  • Healthcare Management Application

  • Smart Surgery Application

  • Medical Inspection Application

Key Offerings