Display Technologies


A.R.T. (Advanced Reflectionless Technology)


Along with the rising popularity of displays and more and more time spent in front of screens, consumers are paying more attention to their visual health. AUO’s industry-leading Advanced Reflectionless Technology (A.R.T.) was developed to address reflection issues, such as decreased readability and eye fatigue. Special surface structure design changes the direction of reflected light, while an extra low-reflectivity coating reduces scattered light to a level that is barely discernible. Displays incorporating this technology show substantially lowered disturbance from direct glare, like light from windows and light fixtures, and maintain excellent image quality even while in bright environments.


There are a plethora of applications for A.R.T. For example, the technology can be used in top-grade professional displays, eliminating ambient light disturbances and preserving a high level of original color appearance and ambient contrast. With the help of such features, professionals can process image colors with more precision. AUO has also launched a range of advanced anti-reflection displays for art galleries and professional exhibition applications. With their super-high resolution, high contrast, and high color performance, they reveal artwork in extremely authentic and intricate detail.




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Low Blue Light Technology


To achieve better eye care for users who spend long periods of time in front of screens, screen backlights use internationally recommended brightness values and filter out blue light waves that are listed as harmful, outputting proper blue light amounts as suggested. Combined with backlight and color filter technologies, the blue-light filtered display keeps its brilliant target spectrum while complying with international energy-consumption requirements.



Low blue light module


eye care technology


Filters out hazardous wavelengths;
Preserves harmless blue light


CF and backlight design optimization:


eye care technology


Retains good color performance with low blue-light emission;

Certified by specialized lab & agent